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About Us

We are just a couple of regular, Pacific Northwest folks (depicted here in the traditional raingear attire) with an honest passion for cooking, sharing, and eating great food.

This project was inspired by our many friends who have taken both left-overs and our recipes home with them over the years, and who keep bringing the Tupperware back for more.

Pocket Chef Volume One would not be possible without the savory, enticing contributions of family and friends, and the steadfast support and sage advice of our publisher, Palmtop Publishing.

We hope that you enjoy Pocket Chef Volume One and we'd love to hear from you. Direct your e-mail to thecooks@pocketchef.com or just pick up the phone and call 727-734-2026. You may also write to us at:

Pocket Chef
c/o Palmtop Publishing
710 Louden Avenue
Dunedin, FL 34698
Fax: 727-734-2027

Bon appetit!

The Pocket Chef Team

When we're not cooking or eating, we're out
walking it off and planning the next indulgence.

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