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Let's face it.
You juggle a million things.

You can get home quicker...

spend time where
it matters most...

$ave when you buy
the right amount of
the right ingredients...

and enjoy
more of this...

when you put this

into this...

into this.

Plus, you get a free full year subscription

to one of these leading magazines for cooks - you choose.

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Pocket Chef(TM) Volume One comes with 45+ recipes and lets you add your own family favorites - Click here for a recipe index. Carry Pocket Chef with you and you'll always have the answers to these questions:
  • What shall I cook?
  • How do I make it?
  • What do I need from the store?
That's because for each Pocket Chef recipe, including those that you add yourself with the innovative Pocket Chef Recipe Maker(TM) page, you'll have one tap access to"
  1. detailed recipe ingredients
  2. your grocery shopping list
  3. recipe background
  4. chef's name
  5. explicit directions
  6. plus an illustration!

This puts you in control - where ever you are - and what that really means is that you're saving time and money and eating more of your favorite foods!

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Makes a Great Gift

Pocket Chef Volume One includes a handy turkey time roasting chart plus an interactive, quick pocket reference with weights and measures conversions for cooks plus:
  • Holiday Helpers: Turkey Roasting Tips and Hints, Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Success Every Time Gravy, Butternut Squash Gratin, Basic Ham Glaze, Pumpkin Pie Cake, Hartshorn Christmas Cookies with Pure Anise Frosting, Chewy Pecan Bars

  • Main Courses: Chicken Big Mamou by Chef Paul Prudhomme, Honest Bowl of Red Chili, Old Fashioned Meatloaf (makes awesome sandwiches), Meat-Lover's Spaghetti Sauce, Uncle Jim's Beef Stroganoff, Linguine w/ White Clam Sauce, Chili Colorado Burritos (great on the go food, keep 'em in the freezer), Salmon with Ginger-Lime Marinade, Festive Frittata

  • Vegetables & Salads: Nice & Shrimple, Zucchini Parmesan Casserole, Crunchy Snowpeas & Onions in Chinese Oyster Sauce, Heathly Garlic Salad and Dressing (breath mints required), Mom's Abrosia

  • Snacks & Appeteasers: JoAnn's World's Best Cleveland Hummus, Herbed Cheese Duo, It's the Real Thing Salsa

  • Side Dishes, Rice: Red Eggs, Roasted Garlic, Wonderfully Wild Rice, Rice Pilaf

  • Sweets & Desserts: Dad's Crumbly Fudge (great gift!), Unbeatable Brownies, Anita's Toffee Candy Squares, Frosted Cherry Chocolate Chip Bars, Beanie's Any Fruit Crumble, Elise's Blueberry Pie, Old Fashioned Molasses Cookies, Frosted Apple Spice Cake, Uncle Bob's Favorite Chocolate Cookies, Chewy Walnut Squares, Sweet and Pure Vanilla Frosting, Anise Frosting

  • Beverages - Alcohol-Free (also references which liqueurs are included in the original, "spiked" versions just in case): World's Easiest Party Punch, World's 2nd Easiest Party Punch, The Pink Lady, Orange Eggnog Punch, Hot Apple Toddy, Cranberry Mimosa Punch, Wassail Bowl

  • For Kids & Pets: Alanna's Play-Dough, Brewster's Good Boy Dog Biscuits

This Chicken Big Mamou Recipe
is from the kitchen of the
infamous Chef Paul Prudhomme.
Click his picture to visit his site!

Salad spinner and the world's
greatest garlic press by Susi -
the salad lover's essential toolkit
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What's more, you (or your hard-working husband) can add your own personal favorite recipes right from your very own kitchen. Just log into the innovative Pocketchef.com web site using your Macintosh or PC and fill out the online RecipeMaker(TM) form - it's that simple!

With Pocket Chef's innovative RecipeMaker capabilities, you can create your own personalized pocket cookbooks to give as gifts and, at the same time, carry your most prized recipes with you - where ever you go. You'll be able to:

  • share the details of your culinary creations with colleagues and friends
  • whip up your favorite dream meal while you're out of town
  • impress your mother-in-law
  • know exactly what you'll need from the grocery store on the way home

Adding your own special recipes
is easy - anyone can do it!
Pocket Chef Volume One is dedicated Alanna, the little Miss who insisted that we include her Play-Doh recipe in this first edition.

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